Ocean of the divers, by the divers, for the divers,
shall not perish from the Earth.

We have a diving boat at Ginowan marina.

It takes you 30 minutes to 1 hour to get diving sites from the marina. We are so grateful to have this diving boat!

BATA will take you to Kerame islands dive sites and we will guide you to the beautiful deep blue underwater Kerama islands is where we can see the most fantastic underwater and so many exiting divesites, very popular among divers.

We are going to Kerama’s diving points by our own boat BATA, for we have a boat reason our customers can request which div ing points you want to go to or choose diving points to your preferences.

Whether you want to focus on capturing cool memories from the top of the boat or your looking for underwater terrain please feel free to let us know.

All level divers ranging from beginner to advanced can enjoy in Kerama islands and BATA.

How to get the Marina?

Meet up at Ginowan Marina. You can park your car at the Marina, Parking fee will be 300 for a day. Or we will pick you up either you come to our shop or staying Chatan to Ginowan area hotel.


If you are worried about get ting seasick, make sure you take motion sickness medicine before you get in the boat. Your wonderful day could get worse if you get seasick LOL

Shower and toilet room.

We have 2hot water showers and a private toilet room. Always you can take a hot water shower after your dive.

Emergency items

For in case of emergency, we always have AED and first aid Oxygen kit on the boat. There is also Disinfectant, Band aid, Ointments We are regularly trained EFR primary and secondary care by Fire fighter s or practicing rescue course with instructors.

While on board

Relax or make friends while under way We have up to the second floor, and enjoy the huge ocean at the bow. (only when our captain says ok to go there)

Boat charter

Do you want BATA all to yourself and want to enjoy your day? We are doing boat charter as well. You can decide what to do, diving or snorkeling or have a gorgeous lunch on the boat or BBQ. Please ask details!
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