Haisai everyone! First o f all, I want to present about Okinawa.

Okinawa mainland is such a beautiful little tropical island and located at the south most part of Japan.

As the name suggests, two thirds of Tropical island(Okinawa) is summer , it is really nice out there.

Moreover, there are many sightseeing spots in this island! Whatever you plan on doing wheather it is to feel Okinawa culture, eat local food or just chill out and explore beautiful nature.

Until now, tourists from all over the world have been visiting Okinawa, known as the “Hawaii of Japan”.

Okinawa’ s warm climate will not let you down. To enjoy it is wonders.

And absolutely the best thing in Okinawa is the ocean.

You are able to see the most beautiful coral reefs that Okinawa is proud of and happy to show to people from around world!

Come enjoy scuba diving with us!

About us

Thank you for visiting Alpha Dive Okinawa Alpha Dive was created in 2010 by Akira Taketomi, so that we have over 10 years of experiences in this industry.

We have two active bases: going to Kerama islands tour by our own boat BATA. There are somany diving shops in Okinawa, but we are one of the few shops that are equipped with our own diving boat. We believe this Kerama tour is exclusive to our guests.

Our shop is located with the beautiful view of the beach by Sunabe Sea Wall This point is also famous for beach diving , it takes about 30 minutes of driving from Naha airport to our shop furthermore, the Chatan area is a 2 minutes walk from shop’s location.

Have the pleasure of growing with our guests. Let’s explore underwater with us! We are looking forward to seeing you in Okinawa.

武富 彰
Akira Taketomi
Owns a qualification
PADI instructor, EFR instructor, Nationally Licensed Marine Diver, First grade small vessel
Scuba diving experience
17 years
April 30th
Drowning & Watch fighting sport
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About me
I like being with people, nature, sports and singing songs!

And absolutely I love sea! Then that is why I came to Okinawa 17 years ago and started this instructor job right after I moved in here.

When I just started diving, I had mentor who I really respect the most he told me that “the sea will never be the same again”.

Holding this word close to my heart, I appreciate meeting new people. Furthermore, all I expect are for you guys is to be happy and enjoy or have a great time with me.

I still have so many things to learn every day and I will never stop challenging myself! I’m looking forwards to see what is next special story with you!